Shaxi restaurants

Some recommended Shaxi restaurants are based on long-time residents’ favorites:


Dancing Mule Cafe – the family-run restaurant at Old Theatre Inn in Duan Village makes the list because of its homemade dishes from local fields, the views from the terrace and the great wine and beer selection. Try the pan fried local goat cheese, spicy shoestring potatoes and any one of Ji Pin’s cured pork dishes.

Long Feng – this hotpot and muslim food specialty restaurant has great fried rice noodles and a great pick-your-own vegetable selection from the cooler. Cheap beer and friendly owner make this hard-to-find spot extra nice!

Pear Blossom Organic – housed inside the Pear Orchard Temple in Diantou Village, the vegetarian-friendly eatery is newer among Shaxi restaurants, but has already won fans among visiting groups. Run by women from the local village, the Shaxi Buddha’s Hand pizza is one of their inventions. All dishes are field-to-table fresh, and are mainly vegetarian, though limited meat dishes are available.

Tom’s Kitchen – run by a young man from Luxembourg with a flair for making great Shaxi pizza, pasta and western favorites.

Wood Fish – run by a Chinese-American couple, Winnie and her sister are terrific Chinese and Western chefs! Burgers, BLT sandwiches, curry fried rice and garden salad are among the favorites. Right on the corner of Sideng Square, they are not always open to better to walk over and check first.